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CHE Café: What’s Next in Environmental Health?

February 10, 2023 —   To mark the 20th anniversary of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), we’re hosting a series of informal, online conversations with leading thinkers, researchers and innovators in the . . .

Environmental Justice and the Built Environment: Protecting Children and Families

February 23, 2023 —   This webinar will provide an introduction to the role of building materials in influencing chemical exposures, as well as the latest science on disproportionate chemical exposures among pregnant people, infants . . .

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Because Health

Jan 26, 2023— The public’s knowledge of environmental health issues has changed tremendously over the past few decades, with CHE playing a critical role. In 2018, while I was Director of CHE, we launched Because Health, an environmental health educational campaign for the general public.  . . .

Scientists recommend changes to chemical regulatory process

Jan 12, 2023— This blog is excerpted from a blog posted today by UCSF's Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment (PRHE). See the complete posting from PRHE here.

With chemical production and use on the rise, and continued evidence that many chemicals in everyday products are linked to health problems such as cancer, infertility, and neurodevelopmental conditions, an interdisciplinary group of scientific experts said changes are urgently needed to better protect people from harmful chemicals.  . . .

Impacting US chemical policy & environmental health

Jan 04, 2023— This article was co-authored with Dr. Tracey Woodruff, see bios of both authors below.


Chemical pollution threatens the health of our planet and everyone who lives on it.

Despite this, the manufacture and production of chemicals has continued to increase  . . .

A Perspective from Alaska

Dec 30, 2022— In the early years of CHE, the staff of Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT) would eagerly join the monthly teleconferences and huddle together around the conference speaker phone in the early morning darkness of Alaska.  . . .

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