Environmental health is more than just how what people eat, drink, breathe, and come in contact with impacts health. There are many other facets to consider. Some of these are how we are exposed, how those exposures impact our genes, and what legal and policy implications might exist.  To better understand the larger context of environmental health visit the pages below.

The Big Picture

An explanation of how a systems approach is used to think about environmental health.


Looking at ways we may come in contact with toxics and what those encounters may mean for health.


An explanation of how the environment can interact with the human genome.

Cumulative Impacts

How different stressors can work together to produce different health disparities. 

Ethical Considerations

What to take into account when thinking about how environmental health impacts various groups and individuals.


A look at historical events that have been important to the field of environmental health.

Legal and Economic Issues

A broader look at how laws and the economy are interrelated to topics of environmental concern.

Informing Change

A collection of actions that have been taken and things we can do to initiate change related to improving environmental health.